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Frequently Asked Questions

Worried about tanning ?

Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions about sunbeds and sun bed use, much of which is the result of misinformation in the popular press. This has meant that a lot of people are unsure about whether it is safe to use a sun-bed or sunbathe. So to try and clear up the facts, here are some brief answers to the most frequently asked questions about sunbeds and sunbathing...

Can everyone use a sun bed?

NO - New Law From APRIL 1ST 2011 : The MINIMUM AGE for the USE of SUNBEDS and FOR entering a 'RESTRICTED ZONE' (Tanning cubicle) will be 18years. This is enforced at the tanning planet.

Please Note : Photo Identification will be requested, If there is any doubt regarding a Clients age. The tanning planet reserve the right to refuse the use of our equipment to any person at any time.

People with skin type 1 ( Very Sensitive - See Skin Types ) Children under 18, People on certain medications that may cause their skin to react to UV exposure should not use a sun bed or sunbathe at all.
Nor should people with an excessive number of moles and/or freckles also if you or anyone in your immediate family has ever had skin cancer.

Can I get skin cancer from using a sunbed?

All the medical and scientific evidence points to over-exposure - burning - as the factor that will increase your risk of developing skin cancer, particularly if the burning happens in childhood. Using a sun-bed responsibly is a controlled way to obtain your tan through UV exposure.

How many times a week can sensibly use a sunbed?

It depends on your skin type but 2-3 sessions a week is generally ok. It is important to leave an absolute minimum of 24hrs between each session and preferably 48hrs for skin type 2's. It is also important to seek advice before use if signs of redness remain from a previous session or from sunbathing.

Why will some salons let me use their sunbeds for longer sessions?

Different sunbeds have different power and UV output. A professional operator (always choose a TSA member) will advise accordingly with one objective: to avoid over-exposure or burning.

What are the benefits of using a sunbed?

Bottom line, it's a controlled way to tan - i.e. avoiding burning. An individual tanning programme determines the correct session length for the sun-bed being used and your skin type. Plus, very importantly, it can help maintain your vitamin D levels.

How do sunbeds help avoid vitamin D deficiency?

UV exposure is the main source of vitamin D production. Just a few minutes on a sunbed 2-3 times a week, will enable your body to produce sufficient vitamin D. From October - May it is impossible to produce vitamin D from UK sunshine exposure, as the sun is too weak. It is also very, very difficult to get enough daily vitamin D from diet and multi-vitamins, as these usually contain the wrong type of vitamin D that the body actually needs.

Why is Vitamin D important?

Medical studies around the world have proven the benefits of vitamin D in the prevention of: Breast, colon and prostate cancer - Osteoporosis and hip fractures - High blood pressure - Multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis - SAD, PMS, general depression - Skin disorders, such as psoriasis.